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22 Acers Mega DTCP Layout Plots

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Phase 1:

22 Acers Mega DTCP Layout Plots

Club House


Theme Parks


5,100 +

sq.yds. Utility Area

13,500 +

sq.yds. Garden Area

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The Bell Square Hill County of Luxury

We describe luxury as a way of life that involves both maintaining a high level of comfort and appearance. Many people are yearning for their very own authentic and enviable house, and our conventional and contemporary luxury home designs are popular. With greater space and a luxurious appearance, the home Bell Square represents many different things.

The Bell Square Hill County of Tranquility

Tranquility is a sense of peace and quiet. At Bell Square, tranquility comes from the calmness world which can make you feel secured and riding on the comfortness. Families should visit the park's other attractions because it is maintained in a scenic manner. Our entire area is spotless and organized, and the gardens and park are well-maintained.

The Bell Square Hill County of Convenience

We all want your homes to be comfortable places where we can unwind, spend time with friends, and prepare for the lives that await us outside the front door. We Bell Square may have different choices for which spaces we choose to invest the most time and money in, and there are many different ways we can combine practicality and style.

A Small Investment Today is Great Asset Tomorrow!


Bell Square offers Hill County in the scenic Shadnagar city. The project offers various-sized plots. The road base covers from 40 square feet which is quite comfortable to withstand future traffic. In Bell Square, we provide Grand Entrance Arch with a gate with beautiful Landscaping Parks. Bell Square offers a convenient lifestyle and guarantees a desired way of life. Our plots will give you a gym and power backup per your requirements. In addition to the swimming pool, you can also find a nearby children’s play area and a children’s pool for families with young children.


Additionally, there is a football field, cricket pitch, volleyball, and skating rink, and basketball, badminton, cycling & jogging track, and golf course for sports lovers. Additionally available to residents are a barbecue area, library, restaurants, and cafeterias. Also, We Bell Square include access to the party hall, landscaping and tree planting, and storm water drains. We also used to offer you spot registration with an initial amount. So, you can buy plots in Shadnagar, which is more beneficial with all facilities. And your family can live a peaceful life in their dream house.

Hyderabad - Bangalore Highway

5 Km

Regional Ring Road

10 mins

Shadnagar Town

10 mins

International Airport

35 mins

Reasons to Invest in Bell Square Hill County

Bellsquare Integrated City is the biggest real estate investment opportunity in Hyderabad. Here is why.

Quick Land Value Appreciation

When you believe that a property will increase in value over a few years, you need to investing in real estate. In the long run, We Bell Sqaure might provide a source of financial security. As prices rise, homeowners can resell their current homes for more money than they initially paid and use the funds to buy a larger home to accommodate a growing family.

Value of Upgradation

Our term upgrade is also used in the context of portfolio management to describe a method. We Bell Square security is upgraded when you receive a higher ranking and is typically brought about by quantitative and qualitative data that raises the security's financial value. We are added to the portfolio while speculative stocks are removed, thereby increasing the risk profile and quality of the portfolio.

Value of Privilege

Since privilege is relational, every one of us enjoys some advantages over others. Only when they cost us money are values truly valuable. As a result, if you care a lot about honesty, you might have to decide to buy all of your movies rather than stream them illegally. Maybe you are free to see them being pirated. But we have to choose between what matters more to us is honesty or money.

Early Benefits

We Bellsqaure provide a variety of plots, and we are one of the investment items that everyone pays close attention to select the greatest one and reap the most benefits from it. Because of the numerous returns it brings, we are one of the most dependable types of investment. One can secure their future and build long-term assets thanks to our Bell Square. Ours is a technique that can provide a great deal of financial stability, and there is virtually any risk of loss in this situation. We Bell Square can be bought and sold based on current market conditions.

What People Say

Thank you very much for hosting this inaugural Bell Square event. To be part of this family is an honour. Everything is great, and it’s nice to have extra amenities that we didn’t anticipate to be included in our budget that they provide.

The services provided by Bell Square much exceeded my expectations. They have smart, competent, and efficient staff members. They helped me in a way that no one else could. Keep up the fantastic work, Bell Square.

After seeing the project and seeing the open area, upkeep, and services, we decided that this was the lifestyle we were looking for. The maintenance crew does an excellent job.

I purchased a three-bedroom apartment. The campus amenities, such as the walking track and clubhouse, are excellent. The ideal option is to have an in-house maintenance crew. The maintenance team's work is superb. The atmosphere and cleanliness of the campus are fantastic.

Bell Square's services have exceeded my expectations. They have team members who are sharp, knowledgeable, and efficient. They did for me what no one else could. Bell Square, keep up the good job.

We determined that this was the lifestyle we were seeking for after touring the project and witnessing its open area, maintenance, and services.

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