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  • Premier Tech Park

    Financial District, Hyderabad

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Financial District, Hyderabad

  • Premier Tech Park is situated in Hyderabad, at ORR Exit 1, in the Growth Corridor of the Kokapet. Being near the exit makes it possible to enter and exit the Tech Park without worrying about traffic jams.


  • Additionally, due to its location at the ORR exit, Premier Tech Park has very high visibility to entering & departing traffic of the Financial District, giving all enterprises in the Tech Park a strong brand presence.


  • Our Fibernet & ORR’s proximity to the power grid allows you more freedom to set up your operations without worrying about anything that can complicate your increasing Data, Network, and travel requirements.


  • Our Premier Tech Park wants to give customers the freedom to design and construct their own homes on their lot. Additionally, Premier Tech Park is the ideal scale for single-tenant anchoring and faster execution. As a result, as an investment, Premier Tech Park will be built quicker, reach 100 per cent occupancy in the market more quickly, and keep its tenant for a very long time.

Premier Tech Park Neighborhoods

Place Distance
Continental Hospital
2 km
Power Grid
2 km
Amazon Hyderabad Campus
3 km
Wipro Circle
3 km
3 km
Gachibowli X Roads
5 km
Sarath City Capital Mall
8 km
Hitech City
9 km
International Airport
26 km

Project Amenities



Micro Market

Premier Tech Park serves as the point of convergence for all the highways connecting to the financial district at ORR Exit-1 Hyderabad because of its advantageous location and proximity. Premier Tech Park is home to excellent infrastructure, but the stunning places also preserve the area’s natural beauty. People in and around Hyderabad commonly visit the site where one may refresh for the upcoming week.


Several residential projects are also being built in and around the area. Old and young IT professionals usually reserve these apartments to relocate closer to the technology core. A significant number of flats and IT businesses have also sprouted up in the vicinity as the township has become self-sufficient.


Premier Tech Park

One of Hyderabad’s biggest technological revolutions was building our Premier Tech Park. Its primary characteristics are the city’s broad roads, land, dust-free environment, medical facilities, and power backup. Although there is less activity in this region than in other areas, we can still see automobiles entering and leaving the ORR.


Our Premier Tech Park aims to provide ideal plots in desirable locations in gated communities with top-notch amenities and years of excellent maintenance. As well as a mall, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, colleges, workplaces, and IT solutions, all within a 5-kilometre radius. It also has a power grid, fibre internet, and ORR flexibility that can provide a fantastic living experience and scale data, network, and travel.


Managed Leasing

Our Premier Tech Park offers you a world-class setting for work and play, and that is effective and high-energy and mimics the vitality of the neighborhood. For you to interact with Hyderabad’s cultural environment, broaden your personal and professional network, and thoroughly enjoy yourself with family and friends in a metropolitan area full of activities, pleasures, diversions, and more, we organize events, and celebrations, knowledge-sharing sessions, and meet-ups.


As the best Premier Tech Park, you would also get access to a variety of offerings to help you live a more exciting life outside of work and more. Our entire building is occupied by Smart works. The tenant is very loyal to the building as a result of the significant marketing expenses, lease charges, building upgrade Capex, and furnishing Capex. Our Smart works offer value-added amenities, workplace digitization, and expert building management.

Why Premier Tech Park?

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