DTCP Approved Open Plots & Weekend Kerela Style Farmhouse For Sale Near Shankarpally - Green Swing

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At GREEN SWING, experience the joy of growing your own fruits as each plot is offered with fruit plantation of different varieties (Mango, Star fruit, Coconut, Sapota, Amla, Guava, Lemon, Papaya, Banana, Sitaphal, Mosambi, Neredu etc) as per the unit size.

And each individual plot unit is provided with Home site, Driveway, Parking area, Drip Irrigation , Electrical and Water lines that is ready for building your future home.

Explore the Experience
  • High return on investment by being part of this future signature landmark.
  • Destination events and Day outings.
  • Nearly 20 acers of New Life Style Experience.
  • Nature Getaway.
  • Complete layout is Vaastu compliant.
  • Joy of growing your own fruits.
Key Offerings
  • Lifestyle in backdrop of nature.
  • Clear and verified DTCP plots of varied sizes.
  • Solid infrastructure and Ambitious Amenities.
  • Eco-Friendly weekend home construction services.

Live your life close to mother nature at Green Swing

For anyone looking to reside somewhere that embodies Mother Nature, we are creating a one-stop location.

The Bell Square team’s objective is to provide everyone with a delightful opportunity to live in our superbly created gated Luxurious Weekend Homes/Plots community, which, combined with an attractive space for green elements, leaves everyone feeling completely invigorated. This magnificent place is located in the Shankarpally neighborhood of Hyderabad.

For individuals who are eager to take a break from their typical job lives and spend some quality time with their loved ones in Nature’s Cradle, GREEN SWING was specially designed.

It is a prestigious neighborhood of Urban Weekend Homes/plots next to Shankarpally, around 50 kilometers by car from Hyderabad’s Financial District and Gachibowli, the city’s IT powerhouse.

Keep Your Dream House

With specifically created floor plans and elevations, Bell Square will give you a choice to build a vintage-style home and farmhouse for sale near Shankarpally is the best place to spend quality time with your family and friends.

• Instantaneous registration

• 100% definite title

• Accessible Bank Loans

A location to rediscover oneself

Experience the thrill of producing your fruits at GREEN SWING. Each plot is offered with fruit plantations of various species such as mango, star fruit, coconut, sapota, amla, guava, lemon, papaya, banana, Cetaphil, Mosambi, and neredu, among others, based on the unit size.

In addition, each open plot for sale near Shankarpally unit comes with a home site, driveway, parking area, drip irrigation system, electrical connections, and water lines that are ready for you to build your future home.


This gated community in Shankarpally, Hyderabad, DTCP-approved layout in Shankarpally is the best because of the top-notch amenities that keep you delighted.

• Aesthetic Parks
• The clubhouse
• Sports Hall
• Boulevard Plantation
• Viewpoint in the image
• Architectural Kerala style home
• Commercial plots
• Villa
• Massive entrance arch
• Community Barricades
• Daily Protection
• Tank in the air
• Child Play Area
• Fruit Farming
• Drainage from Below Ground
• Storage of Common Water


In unexpected places, happiness can be discovered.

A great venue for people who enjoy both inside and outdoor parties and buy plots in Shankarpally can make you hang out with friends and family with a pool, guest apartments, games room, and more included.

Residents can participate in a variety of healthy tennis matches, stress-relieving yoga sessions, quick swims, and other lifestyle and fitness activities. Everyone can find a thing or two here. Find out what it is like to live in GREEN SWING and get access to great neighborhood facilities.

In Eden Garden:

A garden designed with a party theme was made especially for remembering any occasion and giving you and your guests a fun time.

Garden of Sun sport:

Sports arena including volleyball courts, basketball hoops, cricket nets, and kid’s play area to work out and create new memories.

Happy Garden:

According to each birth star, Bell Square is built on the Nakshatra Vanam motif with a pool of trees. It has a calming effect on the mind and bodies of visitors.

Green Swing Design

Every consideration is made to guarantee that all inhabitants of GREEN SWING maximize the value of their homes, whether they are owner-occupied or investments. Bell Square’s development is intended to foster growth in a community where people desire to live. Kerala style farmhouse has natural surroundings. Let us create a one-of-a-kind Gallery Homes masterpiece from your idea.

Examine the Situation:

• High return on investment by contributing to the construction of this renowned future structure

• Day trips and destination events

• Nearly 20 years of experience with a new lifestyle.

• Natural Retreat

• The entire layout complies with Vaastu.

• Delight in producing your fruits.

Key Products:

• Lifestyle against a natural backdrop

• DTCP charts of various sizes are clear and confirmed.

• Ambitious amenities and a strong infrastructure

• Eco-friendly weekend services for home construction.

Come let's spend more time in nature:

GREEN SWING is the ideal hub for a beautiful getaway with tranquil surroundings, contemporary conveniences, and lavishness specially designed to fit and pamper your wants and requirements. It is located in a fantastic location halfway between Shankarpally and Mominpet.

Talk with us:

Bell Square is a leading real estate developer who has assisted in constructing thousands of people’s dream residences. For more comfort and conventions, get in touch with us for the best plots, farmhouses, and villas at valuable prices.

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