DTCP Approved Open Plots For Sale Near Shadnagar, Balanagar - Hill County

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Near By Km/Time
Hyderabad - Bangalore Highway
Regional Ring Road
10 mins
Shadnagar Town
10 mins
International Airport
35 mins
LV Prasad's Eye Hospital
25 mins
JIMS Hospital & Medical Collage
30 mins

Project Features

Club House


Theme Parks

5,100 +
sq.yds. Utility Area

13,500 +
sq.yds. Garden Area

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Project Features

Bell Square offers Hill County in the scenic Shadnagar city. The project offers various-sized plots. The road base covers from 40 square feet which is quite comfortable to withstand future traffic. In Bell Square, we provide Grand Entrance Arch with a gate with beautiful Landscaping Parks. Bell Square offers a convenient lifestyle and guarantees a desired way of life. Our plots will give you a gym and power backup per your requirements. In addition to the swimming pool, you can also find a nearby children’s play area and a children’s pool for families with young children.

Additionally, there is a football field, cricket pitch, volleyball, and skating rink, and basketball, badminton, cycling & jogging track, and golf course for sports lovers. Additionally available to residents are a barbecue area, library, restaurants, and cafeterias. Also, We Bell Square include access to the party hall, landscaping and tree planting, and storm water drains. We also used to offer you spot registration with an initial amount. So, you can buy plots in Shadnagar, which is more beneficial with all facilities. And your family can live a peaceful life in their dream house.

  • D.T.C.P. Approved Layout TS RERA Approved Project
  • Layout Designed as per 100 % Vaasthu
  • 40 & 33' Ft BT Roads
  • Grand Entrance Arch With Gate
  • 24/7 Security
  • Avenue Plantation
  • Beautiful Landscaping Parks
  • Electricity
  • Under ground Drainage
  • Water Tap Connection to Every Plot
  • Clear Title
  • Spot Registration
  • Street Signboards
  • Plot sizes : 147,200,300 Sq Yards

Avail of the luxury plots services from Bell Square:

In Hyderabad, We at Bell Square offer the varieties of open plots. We provide residential plots starting from 150 square yards. All residential properties are built in urban areas close to several national highways and roads. With its equipment and built-in manufacturing systems, Bell Square occasionally develops sites. With the rivalry from our prior efforts and competition from other organizations, we are launching numerous residential real estate plot projects in Shadnagar. When compared to our rivals, we have been in the industry for a while. We offer Open plots for sales near Shadnagar, Balanagar which can bring you better ROI in future. Because our customer satisfaction is more essential to us than anything else, we offer plots with first-rate amenities and exceptional developments and uphold 100% quality in outcomes.

Who we are?

Our initiatives offer more luxurious encounters that satisfy this developing country’s growing desires and serve as benchmarks for raising living standards. We aim to go above and beyond what our clients anticipate from us. The areas we create express our vision for a city that strikes a delicate balance between its built environment and the communities it supports. We locate sizable lands on the city’s outskirts after confirming legal ownership. 

Why choose us?

Compared to buying an apartment, one of the biggest advantages of investing in the best plots to buy near Hyderabad is that it is more affordable. Our Plots have the potential to provide the safe future for your family. We offer plots at affordable price which makes customers to choose design and structure above budget. Our plots are free to select methods based on your financial situation. We provide all possibilities of creating a luxury home in the future which helps you plan accordingly.

Our highlights:

  • Project with TS RERA Approval and D.T.C.P. Approval
  • 100% Vaasthu was used to design the layout.
  • Imposing the entrance arch and gate
  • 24/7 Protection
  • Street Plantation
  • Parks with lovely landscaping
  • Electricity
  • Drainage underground
  • Each plot has a water tap connection.
  • Simple Title
  • Registration on-Site
  • Roadside Signs

Why do you invest at Bellsquare?

We have most significant justifications for investing in real estate:


Great returns:

If the value of the property you own rises over time, you can sell it for a healthy profit. Success isn’t always appreciated. To see those significant profits, you must invest in the appropriate kind of property with our DTCP-approved plots in Shadnagar.

  • Long-term security:

We, Bell Square offers the open plots that you can consider for your long-term investment. So you may stick to it as you wait for its value to rise. In the meantime, you can make a monthly income by renting out your real estate while you wait for its value to increase.

  • Tax advantages:

Real estate tax deductions can offset income and lower your overall tax burden. Rental income is exempt from self-employment tax. At Bellsquare, the government provides tax advantages for mortgage interest, depreciation on property, insurance, maintenance and repair costs, and legal fees. We investors in real estate benefit from lower tax rates on their long-term investments. Ours simply deduct reasonable property ownership, operation, and management expenses.

  • Appreciation of value:

Our value of real estate always rises with time. When the time comes to sell, a wise investment might yield a sizable profit. Additionally, rents tend to grow over time, increasing cash flow. We Bellsquare shows that you will profit more from real estate the longer you cling to it. When booms and crises lead property appreciation to decline, the housing market always recovers. Our prices always return to normal after even the most unsettled periods, and appreciation resumes its course. Our real estate properties offer greater control over an investment than other investing strategies, such as the stock market, where the loss probability is high. If you buy plots in Shadnagar, it will be more beneficial from a variety of income streams in future.

Get in touch with us:

We Bell Square has always been linked to prestige, prosperity, and respectability. It was the safest method of protecting one’s wealth. Our investors have various options for the best investment place near Hyderabad. But among all these, investing in real estate continues to be one of the safest for a long-term, lucrative investment. You can get in touch with us to have more benefits from investing in residential plots.

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