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Project Features

9 Floors

5.82 Lakh Sqft

6 ParkingLevels

950 Parkings

Convenience Amenities
Project Features

Premier Tech Park is State of the Art Grade A+ Tech Park located in the Heart of Financial District at ORR Exit-1 and is just not another Commercial Building but is a class apart with Extensive Amenities.

Amenities include Majestic Entrance, Impressive Lobby, Business Center, World Class Coffee Shops, Exuberant Green Patio, Terrace Garden, Mesmerizing Terrace Pool, Gazebos, Food Courts & Restaurants, Building Management System (BMS) for Effective Energy Consumption, Access Control System, Security System, CCTV Monitoring, High Performance Elevators, Electric Car Charging Stations, Futsal Court, Fitness Center, Spa, Controlled Entry & Exit Boom barriers, High Standard Fire Fighting Equipment, Underground Tanks, Over Head Tanks & Provision of Refuge Areas, Mechanical ventilation in Basement and more..

Premier Tech Park it is a perfect blend of Product & Placement Designed-toPerfection' with a Futuristic-Vison and Rightly-Sized for Faster-Execution and a Single-Tenant-Occupancy.


PremierTech Park is located in Growth Corridor of Kokapet/Financial District at ORR Exit-1 in Hyderabad
Placement on the Exit allows you to get in & get out of theTech Park without having toworry aboutTraffic Congestions.
Also, because of its placement at the ORR exit, PremierTech Park has very high visibilityto "entering & exiting traffic" of Financial District thereby giving Brand Presence to all companies in the Tech Park.
Located within few meters proximity to Power Grid, Fibernet & ORR gives you greater flexibility to setup your operations without having to worry about anything that can pose a challenge to your scaling Data, Network &Traveling needs.



Premier Tech Park is a precisely designed product placed at a perfect location. It has been handcrafted by "design & implementation team" with an extensive track record in Hyderabad including designing the biggest mall in Hyderabad (Sharath City Capital Mall ~ 2 Million Sqft.), anchoring Tech Giants like "Microsoft" and servicing Tech Clients like Facebook, CISCO,ADP, Qualcomm, NOVARTIS etc. A well-designed Tech Park at the perfect location with a ton of amenities & abundant parking is always in high demand and attracts the best & the brightest tenants and anchors them for a long term.

Also, PremierTech park has been rightly sized (semi high rise) for faster execution andsingle tenant anchoring. So as an investor, PremierTech Park will be delivered quickly,will have 100% occupancy faster in the market & will continue toAnchor the tenant for a very long term.

  • 360 Degrees Views
  • Modern Amenities
  • Abundant Parking
  • Adequate Pillar to Pillar Placements for Efficient Movement of Cars
  • Futuristic requirements incorporated to Design (Example: Electric Car Charging Stations)
  • Righty Sized for Faster Execution
  • Righty Sized for Single Tenant Occupancy

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One of the well-known commercial office spaces for sale in Kokapet,Hyderabad is BellSquare. BellSquare, one of the most admired and trusted brands, has been dominating the skylines of Hyderabad for the past years, getting stronger with each passing year. We have broadened its focus from being primarily commercial developers and other real estate sectors. Our Bell Square has already completed over a million square feet of projects, and another million square feet of projects are either in the planning or development stages.

Future employment will be variable:

Adapt to the upcoming changes. You can use our space any way you see fit, thanks to our commercial real estate investment in Kokapet, which is an adaptable real estate platform.

Make a confident plan:

Adjust your workplace plan to balance employee satisfaction, office density, and health and safety with us.

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Thanks to our portfolio of Hyderabad properties, you have quick access to the workspace whenever and wherever you need it.

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Give your portfolio the adaptability it needs to stay current with change, from flexible commitments to spaces that can expand as needed.

What makes us different?

Our Bell Square Commercial space refers to facilities primarily supplied to offices so they can do their regular business. Instead of providing residential space, its goal is to offer commercial premises for sale to a company undertaking. Additionally, our area is modelled and created with many compartments and parts to make it easier for offices to operate. Why not merely think about the greatest if you want to help with starting your own business and are looking at Commercial Properties for Sale in Kokapet Hyderabad? The best and most reliable suppliers of commercial office spaces in Hyderabad are our Bell Square, which can offer customers, opulent models at the best prices.

The advantages of investing in our commercial space:

Purchasing a business property reduces the stress associated with leasing or renting a property by providing a sense of security and stability. It is also regarded as the ideal type of investment because there are no associated risks. It is simple to lease or rent the property to other renters and make a significant profit. It also requires a larger investment than a residential estate, so the yields are substantially higher.


  • Multiple automobiles can park in an integrated, multi-level covered lot.
  • At the podium level, there is no vehicular traffic.
  • The workspaces are masterpieces.
  • We designed intending to achieve the least amount of vehicular mobility possible at any one time
  • There are many convenient entry points for business, including high-speed elevators.
  • The perfect blending of a landscape of the highest aesthetic caliber with top-notch amenities
  • Each tower is distinct and has a different personality.
  • Ample areas for work and recreation.
  • Our Bell Square construction is eco-friendly.
  • Intended to attain ideal levels of a healthy, favorable work environment.

Our commercial space is amazing for the following reasons:

Safe Place:

It is essential to check that a suitable security system is in place before buying a Commercial Property for Sale in Hyderabad that is for sale. To prevent any cases of theft or burglary of important business papers, documents, or money, this is where our commercial plots area is well guarded.

Flawless Design:

When looking for business spaces, one of the main things that grab our attention is the opulent, expertly-made constructions that artisans have created with years of experience. Our suitable area is needed for a company project so employees can move around it easily.

Exceptional Interiors:

With regard to design and model, our commercial spaces have high-quality interiors, good ventilation, a ceiling that is in good condition, an appealing window view, cabinet spaces, and individual compartments for each employee to give them privacy.

• Location:

Location is important for business operations since it makes your company visible and easily accessible to the rest of the globe. Your company should be situated in an area with easy access to transportation, electricity, and water, as well as one that is densely populated and offers these amenities since this will draw the attention of nearby residents.

Talk with us:

Bell Square office space for sale in Hyderabad advice is available from our experts. Contact us immediately, and we will help you find the ideal office space for rent.

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